Giving back

We’re on a mission to help ALL our furry friends eat better with delicious recipes that are kind to tummies and to the planet. We make regular food and fund donations to reach cats and dogs that need us most. We’ve committed to give a minimum of 10% profits to animal charities. In reality we’re a start up and we don’t make a profit and unless we suddenly see a humongous surge in sales, aren’t forecasted to make profits until Year 3. So instead we contribute more than 10% of our sales (much higher than what 10% of our profits would be) in donations both food and money. Sign up to our newsletter to get our annual update and find out how we’re giving back to our local communities.

All Dogs Matter

We’re proud to support All Dogs Matter as one of our charity partners, a dog rescue and rehoming charity, who are on a mission to transform the lives of unwanted and abandoned dogs. We donate food and a portion of our profits to help support the great work they do. Every year they rescue and rehome over 350 dogs. If you’re looking to rehome a dog or to learn more, please visit and hopefully we’ll see you at one of their London events.

Wood Green CHARITY

Wood Green makes a difference to the lives of cats and dogs and other animals across the UK. They share our vision of a world where all pets are well cared for in loving homes for life. As well as helping to care for and rehome pets, they educate, advise and support pet owners so they can enjoy a mutually rewarding and happy relationship with their pets. If you’re looking to offer a forever home for a furry friend, please check out