Your questions, answered

What does ‘natural ingredients’ really mean?

“Natural” means that our ingredients have nothing added to them and they have their natural composition. Natural doesn’t always mean better. For example salt and sugar are what we call naughty naturals. Don’t worry we don’t add sugar or salt to our recipes, and always provide a clear breakdown of our ingredients on the back of the packaging or on our website.

We use natural ingredients for our recipes but include added vitamins and minerals, to be FEDIAF compliant and ensure our complete recipes are nutritionally balanced. We have to add vitamins and minerals as some vitamins and minerals simply aren’t available as a natural form and those that are can vary. We do not add vitamins and minerals to our treats as these are complementary which allows us these to be 100% natural, like our delicious Softies training treats and our Calming Nibbles. Our best seller dental dog treats has an added clinically proven dental ingredient Sodium Hexametaphosphate