Your questions, answered

What’s your environmental policy?

We are committed to helping the world around us and thoughtful about our impact choosing only to work with suppliers that share our ethos.

How our food is made: We’re mindful of recycling when manufacturing our food and chose our manufacturing partner thoughtfully. The plant reaches a 98% total recycling figure with aims to further reduce the remaining 2% of waste sent to landfill.

How we work: Our office is mobile with our mindful approach travelling with us. We operate paperlessly with the few bits that are printed on recycled paper. 99% of all our deliveries are via earth friendly DPD and pedals with the final 1% moving across shortly! When we travel, we mainly stick to public transport.

When choosing the packaging for our food, we were overwhelmed by the amount of plastic in the market. We saw that a few paper bags existed but found that these compromised on the quality of the food. E.g. where there are high meat contents the lack of moisture barrier can cause the food to go rancid, which would not a happy cat or dog make! Our bags are packaged in a paper/plastic mix with a minimal layer of plastic to maintain freshness. We’re working closely with our lovely packaging suppliers to develop an earth friendly alternative that doesn’t compromise on the quality of the food. Watch this space as an exciting alternative will shortly be available that still allows us to give you yummy good food.

We’re naturally curious and constantly evolving our thinking to see how we can make further improvements.