Your questions, answered

What’s your animal welfare policy?

As animal lovers, animal welfare is close to our hearts. We test all of our recipes on our family pets, Smudge and Boo and then share it with select friends and family before signing off. Scrumbles are listed on the PETA website for “Non-Animal tested Companion Animal Food”

We’re also members of the Pet Industry Federation (PIF) a leading trade organisation which monitors and influences animal welfare within the industry.

We’re keen to guarantee adventures for many more generations of cats and dogs and as well as treading more lightly on the planet, we work with key charity partners to help us achieve this like All Dogs Matter.

A lot of our products contain meat and we’re conscious about the meat we use. Our recent life cycle assessment showed that animal agriculture has the greatest environmental impact. In order to get the full spectrum of amino acids, cats and dogs need animal protein but there are efforts to minimise our impact here. We use human grade ingredients as part of our raw materials which are surplus to the human food chain due to commercial reasons. We try to source all of our meats from the UK – our range of wet dog food is all British meat and we’re working to solely source British meat for our range of dry cat and dog food as well. All the meat we use is free run rather than from caged animals and comply with the European Convention for the Protection of Animals kept for Farming Purposes to ensure high animal welfare standards.