Anti hairball cat treats

For kittens and cats 4 months+

Anti hairball cat treats

For kittens and cats 4 months+

Our anti-hairball cat treats are specially formulated with slippery elm, to fight against hairballs and support your kitty’s digestive health. Made with natural ingredients and no added sugars or salts, our Nibbles are lovingly made by hand, air dried AND hand packed into fully compostable paper bags all made in the UK.

Air dried
In the UK



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Chicken (60%), sweet potato (14.25%), potato (14.25%), vegetable glycerol (10%), blend of organic acid and minerals (1.5%), slippery elm (50mg/kg)

Analytical Constituents


Fat Content7.4%

Crude Fibre1.6%

Inorganic Matter4.1%

Tackle hairballs naturally

Hairballs are an unpleasant problem that many cats deal with. We always recommend daily grooming to keep your cats skin and coat looking its best, and help prevent your cat from swallowing lots of hair, unnecessarily. Some cats love to be groomed and others like our Boo hate it, so we’ve developed our chicken nibbles; tasty anti-hairball cat treats that’s guilt free – kind to tummies and to the planet.


Our secret weapon, Slippery elm, supports digestive health, acts as a tummy soother and helps tackle dreaded hairballs.


We’re a proud B Corp and make conscious decisions to do well by our pets AND the planet. We use 100% recyclable mono PE plastic which you can recycle at larger stores to avoid going to landfill.

Lots of

As cats are obligate carnivores, our treats are packed with lots of proper meat. British chicken that’s air dried for a digestible, nutritious treat.

Tested to

All our recipes come with approval from our own family pets, and are developed with nutritionists and approved by vets to conform to FEDIAF guidelines.

What's in every bag?


Highly digestible and tasty, British chicken is the #1 ingredient.

Slippery Elm

Slippery Elm help tackle hairballs, soothe tums & support digestive health.


A blend of sweet potato and potato is our source of carbohydrate and fibre

Vegetable glycerol

Made from 100% rapeseed oil, to help with the drying process and hold it all together.

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